2014 Thanksgiving turkeys- SOLD OUT!

We are offically SOLD OUT of our Thanksgiving turkeys. This year we sold the most turkeys we have ever had available, and they sold out the faster than ever before. Wow! Thank you all for your support. If you would still like to try a pasture raised, heritage turkey, check out our friends and neighbors at No Name Farm They still have a limited number of birds available. Happy Thanksgiving!

frosty turkeys

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Farm update- Autumn 2014

Our 2014 Thanksgiving turkey reservations are filling up faster than ever this year! If you would like one of our organic, pasture raised, Bourbon red turkeys please don’t hesitate to fill out a reservation form now. We still have a very limited supply of goat milk available for sale for a few more weeks, as well as a limited supply of our organic bantam chicken eggs. We’ve started to take reservations for our 2015 Nigerian dwarf dairy goat kids. We expect to have kids start arriving in mid April of next year. We are all sold out of kids for 2014, but we might still have a senior doe or two still available for sale to a milking home. We also have several of our New Hampshire red bantam pullets available for sale. Pullets are young hens. They are gorgeous birds from top winning show lines. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!    chicken

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Farm update – Summer 2014

Here’s a farm update! We have a few more pet wether Nigerian dwarf goat kids available for sale. They are pictured on our “Available Goats” page. SOLD OUT.  We still have one or two does in milk available for sale. Please contact us for details.

Our kidding season is finally over! We had a very lopsided 12 bucklings born and 4 doelings born, bringing our total kid count to 16 for the year.

Our milk and egg sales are going strong and we’ve already started taking reservations for our organic Thanksgiving turkeys. We will also have organic and pasture raised whole chicken available for sale in mid-July.

If you are looking for poultry we expect to have lots of young adult bantam chickens for sale in the fall. Right now we have several Ameraucana bantam layers available. They are awesome birds that lay green/blue eggs all year round. Thanks for reading and hope you had a great spring!


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Farm update – Spring 2014

Things have been very busy here at Tiny Hill Farm, so we apologize for the lack of updates. Our goat kidding season is winding down for the year. So far nine of our Nigerian dwarf dairy goats have kidded this year, and if we are lucky we may have one more due in June. We ended up having a grand total of 16 kids. 12 bucklings and 4 doelings. The four doelings will be staying here at the farm. As for the boys, we have offered them for sale as pet wethers. Wethers are castrated males. They make great pets and companions. Please visit our “Available Goats” page for more information on the kids we have for sale, as well as lots of cute pictures.

Our hatching season is in full swing right now! We have lots of baby poultry available for sale. Right now we have silkie bantam chicks, cuckoo marans bantam chicks, Freedom ranger chicks, and Pilgrim goslings available for sale. Later in the season we expect to have more silkies, as well as Pekin ducklings,  and Bourbon red turkey poults available for sale. If you are looking for started poultry, we will have young adult birds available for sale in the fall months. We’ll have buff Ameraucanas, silkies, and New Hampshire bantams available then. Please visit our “Available Poultry” page for more information.

Lastly, our farm stand is now up and running again after a long winter break. We have our own organic bantam chicken eggs, organic goose eggs, and raw Nigerian dwarf goat milk. You are welcome to help yourself to whatever you would like, we just ask that you call ahead for particularly large orders. Later in the season we will have our own organic chicken meat for sale, and we have started taking pre-orders for our famous Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanks for visiting!

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Farm expansion!

We are excited to announce that Tiny Hill Farm is expanding! We purchased the property across the road, increasing the farm by six acres. We expect to do many exciting things with this additional space. Stay tuned for details, and expect lots more cute baby goat pictures this spring!
frosty turkeys

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SOLD OUT – 2013 Turkeys

Thank you to everyone for all the pre-orders this year.  We are sold out for 2013.  If any turkeys become available we will let everyone know.

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Farm update – November 2013

What’s going on at the farm? It’s goat breeding season right now. We expect to have many new baby goat kids due this spring. The bucks our does have been bred to this year are the very handsome Old Mountain Farm StingN Ned L and Old Mountain Farm Joshua James. We are especially excited to have the chance to use Joshua, because he is the littermate of our best milking doe, Old Mountain Farm Jil Michelle. Joshua was born here, and we were happy to welcome him back for a few short weeks in September. After Joshua left, we’ve had Ned here to breed the rest of our does. As usual, a huge thank you goes to our friends at Old Mountain Farm for entrusting us with these fabulous bucks. If you are interested in spring 2014 kids, please let us know now. We also are winding down our milk sales for the year, in preparation for winter. We expect to be totally sold out of milk by the end of November. We’ll have goat milk available again in April 2014.

Our chickens have been doing very well. We’ve entered a few shows, and we expect to enter one or two more this winter. Our mille fleur d’Uccle hen won Best of Breed at the Boston Poultry Expo last weekend. We currently have a few New Hampshire bantam females for sale. They are about 6 months old, and they should make great layers. They are $20 each. Next year we will have a very limited number of New Hampshire bantam, silkie bantam, and Ameraucana bantam chicks for sale. We will also have a limited number of our Bourbon red turkey poults for sale in the late spring and early summer.

Our turkeys were mentioned in an article in New Hampshire Magazine. Here’s a link to the article:    http://www.nhmagazine.com/November-2013/Pasture-Raised-Heritage-Turkeys   If you want to reserve your turkey for this Thanksgiving please reserve it ASAP. We expect our birds to sell out faster than ever this year. They are organic, pasture raised, heritage Bourbon reds. We have been breeding our own strain of this breed for five years. Cook one of our turkeys for Thanksgiving and we personally guarantee you will have the best Thanksgiving of your entire life! You can reserve your turkey on our website. Go to the poultry tab, and click on bourbon red turkeys to find our online reservation form. 

In other news, Aubrey, our “farm puppy” has grown by leaps and bounds. She now has her AKC Rally Novice title, two legs towards her United Junior Jumper dock diving title, and one leg towards her AKC Coursing Aptitude title, all earned at under a year old. We are moving along to her Rally Advanced title, and have started agility training.  She is awesome!  You can find an update on her at her breeder’s website here: http://adirondac-goldens.com/index.tpl?selector=News  Look for her picture, and her registered name, Adirondac Talk Birdy to Me!

Here’s a photo of our two geese enjoying an autumn sunset. Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful winter!





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Farm Update – Late July 2013

Baby poultry and baby goat season is officially over here at Tiny Hill Farm! We may have some young adult birds available for sale this fall, but we are currently sold out of all baby poultry. We do not currently have any baby goats available for sale. Please contact us if you’d like to be on our baby goat waiting list for 2014. We’ve already started taking reservations for our organic, pasture raised, and heritage breed Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanks for visiting and have a great summer!


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Baby goats available for sale!

Meet Apple Jack and Captain Crunch! They are Nigerian dwarf dairy goat kids who are available for sale as a wethers (neutered bucks). Apple Jack is a beautiful light gold color with white markings, and Captain Crunch is swiss marked with white spots and dark brown moon spots. He’s a colorful fellow! Both goats are super cute and friendly. They are both about three months old, and are wormed, disbudded, castrated, and vaccinated. We also have several Bourbon red turkey poults, as well as some white silkie bantam chicks available for sale. Contact us for details. Thanks! BOTH GOATS HAVE BEEN SOLD. We are officially sold out of wethers for the year. Please contact us if you’d like to be placed on our 2014 waiting list.

2 wethers

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Summer 2013

We are enjoying the first months of summer here at Tiny Hill Farm. We still have lots of baby poultry available for sale. Right we’ve got plenty of bourbon red turkey poults available for sale, as well as a few Royal Palm, Narragansett, and black Spanish turkey poults too. We also have some adorable white silkie bantam chicks for sale. They would make great pets or show birds. Other chicks we have available are some rare Welsummer bantams, silver laced Wyandotte bantams, New Hampshire bantams, and Ameraucana bantams. We also are now offering our fertile hatching eggs for sale if you would like to try to hatch your own chicks or turkey poults. We also have plenty of raw goat milk available for sale, as well as some goose and turkey eggs for eating. We expect to have a few more Nigerian dwarf goat pet wether kids available for sale soon. Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested. Thank you!

turkey summer


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