Purchase Policies


We focus on breeding top quality Nigerian dwarf dairy goats with excellent milking potential and great personalities. Our goats are ADGA registered, up to date on all vetting, and tested for CL, CAE, Johne’s, TB, and brucellosis. You can see current copies of our test results here. We practice strict biosecurity, and our herd benefits from a lack of respiratory disease.

We participate in DHIA milk test and ADGA linear appraisal. We have goats that are on ADGA’s Elite lists, Young Sire Development Program rankings, have earned Superior Genetics awards, multiple generations of milk stars, and Top Ten milk production rankings. In addition to milk production and udder quality, we also focus on breeding beautiful goats with sweet and friendly personalities.


We send kids home on a bottle at around 2 weeks old. We do not hold kids until weaned, no exceptions. Wethers (castrated males) will be $400 each in 2025. Registered doelings for milking or show start at $650. We occasionally have pet doelings available for sale for $500 each. Pet doelings come without registration paperwork and are for sale as pets only. Registered bucklings start at $650. We do not sell unregistered bucklings. All pricing is subject to change to reflect a dam or sire’s most recent accomplishments. A $100 per kid non-refundable deposit holds a spot on our kid reservation list. Reservations are first come first served. Deposits are only refundable if there aren’t any kids available from any of your selected breedings.  We do not, under any circumstances, refund deposits on reservations cancelled by the buyer. We can take Venmo, Paypal (all transaction fees MUST be added by the buyer or we will cancel the reservation), a check, or cash for deposits.

Once you have placed a deposit and kids are available to you, you will contacted via text or email with pictures and information about available kids. If we do not get a “Yes I want that goat” or “No thank you I would like to pass on that kid” response from you within 24 hours of contact, we will offer those kids to the next person on our reservation list and will contact you about the next available kids. No exceptions. Kidding season is an extremely hectic season and we appreciate your polite consideration for our time.

If being picked up in person on the farm, your goat’s balance must be paid in cash at time of pickup. We will accept Venmo or Paypal (include the transaction fees) for animals being transported. No personal checks or credit cards at pickup. Under no circumstances will a goat leave the farm before it is paid in full. We reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding. We are always willing to consider fair offers on our goats if you see a goat who is not for sale who you are interested in.  Does in milk range in price from $750-$10,000. Contact us for more info. 


We offer on farm pick up. We will also ship our goats via air, but buyer must pay for the cost of the goat, all shipping charges, and a $250 transportation fee to Boston, MA or Portland, ME. Flights must be non-stop or have a layover in JFK only. We very highly recommend the Ark at JFK for goat care during layovers. All flight and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This includes registration fees, vet fees, CVIs, crates, and any other related expenses.

We will also be offering reasonably priced private ground transportation along I-94 and I-90 from NH to MT (NH-MA-NY-OH-IN-IL-WI-MN-ND-MT). This route will be in the beginning of May 2025. This will be a great opportunity for prompt folks with flexible schedules to meet us at our predetermined stops along Interstate I-94 and I-90. Sorry, no door to door transport. Cost is $300 COD per day of transport. Cost is per stop not per goat. Transport through NH, MA, or NY is one day of transport ($300). Transport to OH, IN, IL, WI, or MN is two days ($600). Transport to ND or MT is 3 days ($900). Goats held awaiting our private transport will not be subject to any boarding fees. 

We also offer private transport anywhere in the state of NH for $250 COD for each stop. We are available to meet you for in-state transport most anytime in March-April. 

If private transport doesn’t work for you, we are happy to work with commercial ground transportation. We highly recommend Medicine Mountain Pet Transport. We will only ship our goats with licensed and insured transportation companies. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This includes registration fees, vet fees, CVIs, crates, and any other related expenses. Kids held awaiting commercial transport past 4 weeks of age will be subject to a boarding fee of $5 per day per kid. 


We offer driveway breeding services to approved does on a limited basis. Here’s more info.