We will have baby chicks available for local sale this spring.  March- April. We’ll have assorted batches of day old, straight run, rainbow egg layer chicks available for local folks who are also chasing that gorgeous egg rainbow. The breeds we will have are French black copper marans, welsummers, olive eggers, Silverrudd’s blues, and frizzle Easter eggers. $15 each or $70/5 or $100/10. We also have hatching eggs available for local DIYers who can pickup at the farm. $50 per dozen.“Curbside” farm pickup only, no shipping. Our farm is in Milton Mills, NH. Day olds. Straight run (males and females as hatched). We’ll be hatching each week so should have plenty of chicks available! We might have juvenile sexed birds later this season, depending on availablilty. Pictured are our beautiful colorful eggs. All our poultry is sold hand tamed and well started on Blue Seal grain. All birds are sold first come first served. Sorry, we do not ship either poultry or hatching eggs. Please contact us for more information.