Chickens and chicks

We will have baby chicks available for local sale this spring. We will have show bred Silkie bantams in white, blue, black, and splash. We will also have frizzled and smooth large fowl Easter Eggers. “Curbside” farm pickup only, no shipping. Our farm is in Milton Mills, NH. Chicks are $20 each. Day olds. Straight run (males and females as hatched). We’ll be hatching each week so should have plenty of chicks available! Looking for another breed? Sorry! We only have large fowl Easter Eggers, New Hampshire red bantams, and Silkie bantams this year.

2021 – Chicken Price List:

  • Straight run silkie or easter egger chicks – $20 each
  • New Hampshire red bantam pullets $35 each (available in summer)
  • Frizzle easter egger pullets $60 each (available in summer)
  • Smooth easter egger pullets $50 each (available in summer)
  • Silkie bantam pullets (we have blue, splash, black, and white ONLY) $75 each 
  • Cockerels are available for no charge with the purchase of a pullet

We are taking reservations and deposits for poultry now.  Sorry, we do not ship either poultry or hatching eggs. Please contact us  for more information.