Herd Book and Kidding Schedule

Tiny Hill Farm 2017-2018 Herdbook/Kidding Schedule

This year we have several of our own Nigerian dwarf bucks to breed our does. Our bucks are:

  1. Old Mountain Farm PW Penduncle – PeeWee (++B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE X Old Mountain Farm Wirosa) DOB 4/22/14 abbreviated buckskin with extensive white overlay and frosting. PeeWee’s sire is the grandsire of the 2017 ADGA National Show Grand Champion. His granddam is the great grandam to the Reserve Grand Champion. We have PeeWee’s frozen semen available for 5 straws/$100. PEEWEE IS FOR SALE $600peewee
  2. Sugar Moon V High Roller *B – Linus (Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas*B X SG NC Promisedland SIA Zena 6*D 3*M AR2263 VEEE90) DOB 5/9/14 Cream and Gold. Linus was ranked as the #1 Nigerian in ADGA’s 2015 Young Sire Development Program. Linus measures 23 inches tall at the withers. We have his frozen semen available for sale for 5 straws/$100.linus
  3. TinyHillFarm’s Karl Hungus *B – Karl (Sugar Moon V High Roller*B X 1*M AR Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue * AR 2307) DOB 6/2/15 Cream and white with moonspots and blue eyes.karl
  4. Tiny Hill Farm The Dude of Thrones *B The Dude (TinyHillFarm’s Karl Hungus X Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M) Black with white and extensive moonspots and blue eyes. The Dude’s great grand sire is the grand sire of the 2017 ADGA National Show Reserve Grand Champion. THE DUDE IS FOR SALE $500 SALE PENDING  
  5. Tiny Hill Farm Pez *B  – Pez (Phoenix Farm Hard Candy *B X SG TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois  6*M)  Chocolate with random white. 

We will also be breeding a few of our does to a Nigerian buck owned by our good friends at Maplestone Farm. That buck is listed below:

  1. Phoenix Farm Hard Candy *B Hardy (SG NC Promisedland SS Deviant *S *B X SGCH Phoenix Farm Rock Candy 5*M)  Chocolate with white. 2016 ADGA Young Sire Development Program qualifier. 

Our does are listed below. We expect to have kids born in March, April, and May. Please contact us if you are interested in kids or have any questions.

Senior does

  1.  ARMCH Fairlea Flower Power 4*D 1*M- PowPow (Stonewall’s Apocalypse Now X ARMCH Fairlea Fleur 3*D “E’ AR1950). DOB 4/10/04 Gold with random white and frosting. powpow
  2. Willow Moon Indian Summer 3*D 3*M AR2017 VVE+87 – Summer – (Rosasharn UR Sun Ray*S X Old Mountain Farm Maine Lilac *D AR 2050) DOB 4/11/06 Buckskin with random white. 
  3. AR Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue 1*M AR 2307 VEEE90 – Connie Marble (MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue X Kids Corral LL Ember) DOB 4/21/06 Black with moonspots and blue eyes. This doe earned an appraisal score of 90 as a 10 year old 10th freshener! 
  4.   connieimg_6232Old Mountain Farm Jil Michele 4*M VEVV87 – Jill (Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *B *S X Willow Moon Indian Summer 3*M 3*D AR 2017) DOB 2/27/10 Black and white pinto with moonspots. Jill has the same sire as the dam of the 2017 ADGA National Show Reserve Grand Champion. JILL IS FOR SALE $700jillimg_6121
  5. SG Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet 5*M VEEE89 – Annika (*B Old Mountain Farm Hakama*S X Old Mountain Farm Jil Michele 4*M) DOB 2/18/11. Black with random white and moonspots. Annika will be bred to Linus for 2018 kids. This is a repeat breeding. We will retain one doeling, all other kids will be for sale. annikaimg_6189
  6.  Sugar Moon BL April Showers 3*M – April (*B Chenango-Hills Trx Bombay Aloo X NC Promisedland Legacy Lonnie 2*M 2*D AR2008) DOB 4/18/14 Buckskin with small amount of white. 
  7. Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M – Sansa (Old Mountain Farm Stingn Ned L X Old Mountain Farm Johana Faith) DOB 3/25/14 Chamoisee with moon spots. Sansa will be bred to Hardy for spring 2018 kids. 
  8. TinyHillFarm’s Shortycakes – Strwbry Shortycakes  (Old Mountain Farm PW Penduncle X Old Mountain Farm Hana Shobu 1*M) DOB 5/3/15. Gold with white overlay. Shorty was bred to Karl. Due 3/30/17.  Blue eyes possible. Shorty will most likely be available for sale after kidding, and all kids will be available for sale. Shorty is currently SALE PENDING. UPDATE: SOLD
  9. SG TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois  6*M- Lois (*B Sugar Moon V High Roller *B X SG Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet 5*M) DOB 5/9/15 Black with random white and moonspots. Lois made ADGA’s Elite Doe list. Lois is ranked the top 3% nationally. 

Junior does

  1. Tiny Hill Farm Aurum – Aurum (Sugar Moon V High Roller*B X Sugar Moon BL April Showers 3*M) DOB 4/3/16. Gold with small amount of random white. 
  2. Tiny Hill Farm Bunny Lebowski – Bunny (TheTinyHillFarm’s Karl Hungus *B X Tiny Hill Farm Taffy D 2*M) DOB 4/16/16 Chamoisee with moonspots and blue eyes
  3. Tiny Hill Farm Penta – Penta (Sugar Moon V High Roller *B X Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet 5*M) DOB 4/24/16 Black with a small amount of random white and extensive moonspotting. 
  4. Tiny Hill Farm PowPow Powerwheels! – MiniPow (Old Mountain Farm PW Penduncle X ARMCH Fairlea Flower Power 4*D 1*M) DOB 5/11/16 Gold with random white and frosted ears and nose. MiniPow will be bred to Karl or the Dude next year for 2018 kids. 

Doelings from left to right: Aurum, Penta, MiniPow, Pilar, Bijou, and Bunny.



We have two adorable and very friendly doelings available for sale. Both have great pedigrees and lots of potential as productive milkers or just great pets. One is black with a small amount of white, the other is gold with blue eyes and moonspots. Their sire is Karl. $350 each. Contact us for more information. They are weaned and ready to go now.


We focus on breeding top quality Nigerian dwarf dairy goats with excellent milking potential and great personalities. Our goats are ADGA and AGS registered, up to date on all vetting, and tested annually for CL, CAE, Johne’s, TB, and brucellosis. Please contact us or call (603)817-0081 for more information.  We will ship our goats, but buyer must pay for the cost of the goat, all shipping charges, and a $450 transportation fee. We will ship from Boston only.  

We like to send kids home on a bottle at around 2-3 weeks old. Wethers (castrated males) are $150 each. Registered doelings for milking or show start at $450. We occasionally have pet doelings available for sale, starting at $350 each. Pet doelings come without registration paperwork and are for sale as pets only. Sorry, we do not sell intact bucks as pets.  We will be offering driveway breeding services to approved does on a limited basis. Please contact us for details. Thank you for visiting!

18 Responses to Herd Book and Kidding Schedule

  1. Laura Sirois says:

    I am interested in two wethers.
    Light brown/white
    Dk brown/white or multi
    Black/white would be last choice
    Color not as important as my preference for brown eyes if possible
    Would prefer the April kids

  2. Marjorie Davis says:

    Hi there, just wondering if you still have any pet does or Wethers available for sale currently, thanks, Marjorie Davis 703.507.6325

  3. Danielle Russo says:

    Hello 🙂

    We are interested in purchasing in a Wether and pet Does when available. Please email me back with any information you have and due dates for the next kids. I appreciate your time! Enjoy the long weekend.

  4. Leslie Rice says:

    Could you please keep me informed regarding available bantams? I live in NH and would love to come see your adults if possible.

    Thank you. Leslie

    • Larissa says:

      Hi! We welcome visitors by appointment. We’ll have young adult bantams available summer/fall 2017. If you are interested, please email me at tinyhillfarm (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

  5. Aislyn says:

    Hello I had one question how late can you get them thanks?

  6. Aislyn says:

    And is there still a long waiting list

  7. Ken says:

    Searching for a young doe. Where are you located?

  8. Rayna Miller says:

    I want a baby i can take tomorrow

  9. Solange Cartier says:


    We have a small farm in Central Mass. and have been told that two dairy females would be a great fit. Do you have any females available?

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