Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  • We are located in Milton Mills, New Hampshire.
  • We raise only Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and exhibition bantam chickens.
  • We do not raise guinea hens, standard size chickens, turkeys, or pygmy goats.
  • We DO NOT have baby chicks or turkey poults available for sale. 
  • We will ship our animals, but buyer pays all shipping costs plus a transportation fee upfront.
  • Baby goats are available in the spring. Poultry is available in the summer. 
  • Goat prices start at $250 for pet wethers. Registered doelings start at $550. We do not sell unregistered goats for breeding. 
  • We do not take in unwanted livestock from other farms. 
  • We are available for visitors and tours by appointment only. Tours are $30 per hour.
  • You can call or text us at (603)817-0081. We do not have much time to return voicemails, so texts are strongly preferred

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