Spring Farm Update

What’s going on at Tiny Hill Farm? Our 2024 kidding season starts March 5th. It is the most wonderful/stressful/exhausting/”fun” time of the year. We’ve got 20 does due over 28 days. It’s going to be a wild ride! We’ve already opened our 2025 kid reservation list. Want first dibs on your dream Tiny Hill Farm goat kid? Now’s your chance to get a deposit in for next year.

Looking to get kids this year? Our wether reservation list for this year is currently waitlist only for any extra available wethers. We have a few open 2024 doeling and buckling reservations from some of our most proven does, as well as a handful of doeling reservations from some of our up and coming young first and second fresheners. Check out our kidding schedule here and feel free to contact us for details.

What about poultry? We’ll have assorted batches of day old, straight run, rainbow egg layer chicks available for local folks who are also chasing that gorgeous egg rainbow. The breeds we will have are French black copper marans, welsummers, olive eggers, Silverrudd’s blues, and frizzle Easter eggers. $15 each or $70/5 or $100/10. We also have hatching eggs available for local DIYers who can pickup at the farm. $50 per dozen. You can contact us for details. Pictured are our beautiful colorful eggs. Thanks for reading!

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