Adult Goat Available for Sale

We have a doe looking for a new herd. She is a very nice dry adult Nigerian dwarf doe. Born 3/1/20. 2021 Elite doe SG Tiny Hill Farm IThink Ur Cute! 7*M. Super sweet personality, great milkstand manners, easy kidder, leash trained. Flashy black and white with lots of moon spots and blue eyes. Clarice is perfect for a herd looking to get some high production genetics from a proven doe, or a homesteader really looking to up their milk game. Asking $1.5K but will substantially discount for kind and courteous folks, local folks, or folks currently on milk test. Located in Milton Mills, NH. Coast to coast transport coming thru in April. Selling because I have waaay too many goats and that tractor trailer of second cut hay won’t buy itself. Contact me by texting (603)817-0081 or emailing Thanks! 🩷🐐

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