Spring 2020 Kid Reservations are still OPEN!

Baby goats! Baby goats! Baby goats! Don’t get too excited because we don’t have any baby goats available right now, but if you are even considering getting a Tiny Hill Farm baby goat (or doe in milk) next spring, now is the time to get in contact with us to get a deposit in to reserve your 2020 kids. If you are all like, “Nah, I’m gonna wait until you post kids for sale in the spring”, then you might be waiting a LOOONG time since we typically sell the vast majority of our kids via reservation, especially doelings and any kids out of our most proven does. You can check out our breeding plans here. Here’s a sampling of the kids we had born in 2019. How cute are they?(All are sold or retained). If you prefer to DIY your goat kids we will still be offering driveway breeding services to approved farms. Thanks for reading!

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