Doeling reservations for 2017- FULL

Our 2017 doeling and doe reservations are FULL. We will not be accepting any more doeling or adult doe deposits this year. We still have a few more buckling or wether reservations open. We are currently running a doeling waiting list in the event that we have any extra doelings available.  Please contact us you are interested or have any questions. Thanks! 

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Time to reserve kids for spring 2017

Interested in buying a Tiny Hill Farm Nigerian dwarf dairy goat this spring? Now is the time to start getting deposits in to hold a spot on our waiting list! We expect to have several gorgeous doelings with amazing potential available, as well as very friendly and cute wethers, and a few does in milk as well. You can check out our kidding schedule here: If last year is any indication of this year, we usually sell out very quickly. So, if you are interested in our kids, let us know! Thanks!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Tiny Hill Farm! Need a last minute Christmas gift for a goat loving friend? How about a gift certificate for a farm tour and meet and greet with our incredibly friendly and very photogenic goats?

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Exciting Goat News!

We are happy to announce that two of our does earned ADGA Superior Genetics awards. Those does are Annika (5*M Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet VEEE89) and Lois (6*M The TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois). We are also very excited to learn that our home bred doe, Lois made ADGA’s Elite Doe list. Lois is ranked the top 3% nationally. Not too bad for a yearling first freshener! She’ll also earn her dairy star this year, making her a 6*M milker. Lois’s sire is *B Sugar Moon V High Roller, and her dam is 5*M Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet VEEE89. Lois is named after the S shaped spot on her side, and it looks like she’s really living up to her name! She is bred to Phoenix Farm Hard Candy (SG NC Promisedland SS Deviant *S *B X SGCH Phoenix Farm Rock Candy 5*M). Looking forward to meeting those kids in March! We have started taking deposits for 2017 kids, so if you are interested in adding a Tiny Hill Farm goat to your herd,  please contact us. Our herdbook and kidding schedule has also been updated. Lois’s udder is pictured below. Thanks for visiting! 


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Thanksgiving 2016

We are SOLD OUT of turkeys for Thanksgiving, and our cancellation list is closed. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Driveway breeding services

This year we are offering limited driveway breeding services to approved does. We have three bucks to pick from, all three are proven, quality bucks with impressive pedigrees. Please check out our herd page for pictures. 

If you are looking for increased milk production, our Linus (Sugar Moon V High Roller *B) is a buck to consider. His dam 3*M SG NC Promisedland SIA Zena 6*D AR2263 VEEE90 is a 99th percentile elite doe. His sire Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas*B is also an elite buck, and Linus was the #1 Nigerian in ADGA’s 2015 Young Sire Development Program. He appraised at VVV87 as a two year old this year. His daughter, TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois, is predicted to produce 1,044lbs of milk as a first freshener. Linus measures 23 inches at the withers. 

If dairy characteristics and conformation important to you, a buck to consider is our PeeWee (SG+ B Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE X Old Mountain Farm Wirosa) PeeWee has consistently produced long, level, and stunningly beautiful and correct kids.

If you want production, conformation, longevity, and a little bit of pizzazz, our homegrown TinyHillFarm Karl Hungus is an option. Karl is sired by our Linus. His dam,1*M AR Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue * AR 2307 VEEE90 earned her linear appraisal score of 90 as a 10 year old 10th freshener. She is also predicted to produce 1,219lbs of milk this lactation. Not too bad for a goat senior citizen. Karl has blue eyes and moonspots, so not only does he produce high quality kids with lots of potential, they often come with some extra “bling”.

Our bucks are available only for driveway breeding services to approved Nigerian dwarf does. Please contact us for details and requirements. Thank you!
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Farm update- Fall 2016

Greetings and happy fall! We have lots going on at the farm. Our goats are still in milk and are currently on DHIA milk test with ADGA. We still have plenty of milk and eggs available for sale in our farm stand mini-fridge. If you are looking for adorable bantam chickens we have several available for sale. We have Ameraucana and silkie pullets still left available. We have also updated our goats’ kidding schedule for spring 2017. If you might be interested in reserving kids please let us know! You can contact us here. Thank you for visiting!


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Milk test results!

We are happy to announce that most of our does earned their ADGA dairy stars last year! And we were particularly happy to see that we now have a 5* milker. That doe is 5*M Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet. She’s a 5th freshener this year. Annika is one of those does who just keeps getting better with age! She was bred to Linus (Sugar Moon V High Roller *B) Linus was ranked as the #1 Nigerian in ADGA’s 2015 Young Sire Development Program. We’ll be retaining their two doelings for now, but one may be available for sale to a show/milking home in the future. The photo below is Annika’s udder with a 12 hour fill. Not too shabby!


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Herdbook/Kidding Schedule Update – 2016

We’ve updated our herdbook/kidding schedule for 2016. We’ll have baby goat kids start arriving in April. We have a few adult goats available for sale right now, and we expect to have a few more available for sale after kidding season is over. If you are interested in our goats, or have any questions please let us know. Just a reminder, we are located in Milton Mills, NH and we do not ship our goats. We’ll also have our mille fleur d’Uccle, white silkie, and New Hampshire red bantams available for sale starting in the spring. Our birds are from show lines, and some of our birds did really well at this year’s poultry shows. We look forward to 2016! Thanks so much for visiting!11407096_10153450799737369_8822636146997422245_n

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Thanksgiving 2015

We are currently SOLD OUT of our 2015 Thanksgiving turkeys. We are running a cancellation list if you are still interested. We have also started taking reservations for our 2016 Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanks and Happy Fall! photo 2

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