Herdbook/Kidding Schedule Update – 2016

We’ve updated our herdbook/kidding schedule for 2016. We’ll have baby goat kids start arriving in April. We have a few adult goats available for sale right now, and we expect to have a few more available for sale after kidding season is over. If you are interested in our goats, or have any questions please let us know. Just a reminder, we are located in Milton Mills, NH and we do not ship our goats. We’ll also have our mille fleur d’Uccle, white silkie, and New Hampshire red bantams available for sale starting in the spring. Our birds are from show lines, and some of our birds did really well at this year’s poultry shows. We look forward to 2016! Thanks so much for visiting!11407096_10153450799737369_8822636146997422245_n

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Thanksgiving 2015

We are currently SOLD OUT of our 2015 Thanksgiving turkeys. We are running a cancellation list if you are still interested. We have also started taking reservations for our 2016 Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanks and Happy Fall! photo 2

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Summer 2013

We are enjoying the first months of summer here at Tiny Hill Farm. We still have lots of baby poultry available for sale. Right we’ve got plenty of bourbon red turkey poults available for sale, as well as a few Royal Palm, Narragansett, and black Spanish turkey poults too. We also have some adorable white silkie bantam chicks for sale. They would make great pets or show birds. Other chicks we have available are some rare Welsummer bantams, silver laced Wyandotte bantams, New Hampshire bantams, and Ameraucana bantams. We also are now offering our fertile hatching eggs for sale if you would like to try to hatch your own chicks or turkey poults. We also have plenty of raw goat milk available for sale, as well as some goose and turkey eggs for eating. We expect to have a few more Nigerian dwarf goat pet wether kids available for sale soon. Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested. Thank you!

turkey summer


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Farm update Easter 2013

Just a quick update to let you know that we now have several adorable Nigerian dwarf goats for sale. For more information check out our “Available Goats” page. We also have plenty of standard layer pullet chicks as well as many adorable bantam chicks available for sale. Contact us for more information. Thank you and Happy Easter!

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First Kids of 2013 are here!

Our first kids of 2013 have arrived! Jill kidded on Wednesday with buck twins. That puts the baby goat count at two bucks so far! We’ve got three does due on Saturday, so that count should change soon.

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Guess How Many Goat Kids and Win a Prize Contest!

It’s time of the year again for our annual “Guess How Many Goat Kids and Win a Prize Contest”. Let us know how many kids you think will be born here this year, and how many will be bucks or does. Whoever is the closest wins 2 dozen eggs and a quart of milk.
Let us know your guess either in the comments, or as an email. We will announce the winner at the end of kidding season. Here are a few hints: we have 9 does due to kid. Last year we had 8 does kid, and 16 babies ( 8 does/8 bucks). Here’s a picture of the kidding pen all set up and ready for the action to begin. That’s a “goat luck charm” on the corner!

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New “herd member”!

We now have a new “doeling” on the farm. She’s solid red with small amount of white. She’s naturally “polled”, although on rare occasions she acts as if she might be growing horns?! She may be a funny looking “doeling”, but we are so thrilled to finally have her, and we look forward to having tons of fun with her!

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We are SOLD OUT of Thanksgiving turkeys!

It’s offical! We are SOLD OUT of Thanksgiving turkeys for 2012. This is the year we’ve had the most turkeys to sell, and they still sold out faster than any other year. Thank you to all of our awesome customers. If you missed ordering one this year, it’s not too early to reserve one now for next year!

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2012 Thanksgiving Turkey Reservations

Our reservations for our 2012 organic, pasture raised heritage breed Thanksgiving turkeys are filling up faster than ever this year. If you want one, but have not yet filled out a reservation form, please fill one out so we can get an accurate count of how many we have left to sell.  Here’s a link to the form: http://tinyhillfarm.com/?page_id=73 Thank you for being awesome and supporting local agriculture!

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Ch. Park Ave’s What Kinda Dog’s That? – Myles

We’re deeply saddened to report that we lost our Myles suddenly and expectantly to a very rare infection called pyothorax. AKC/UKC Ch. Park Ave’s What Kinda Dog’s That? was his registered name. He was a phenomenal show dog and a great friend.
At three months old he went to his first puppy match, where he won Best Puppy in Show. He finished his AKC championship in two show weekends, with three five point majors, at six months of age.  He won his UKC championship in three shows with three first placements in the Scenthound Group. He went to Westminster twice, with placements both times. He won an Award of Merit in 2008, and a BOS in 2011.  He was ranked as one of the top five English foxhounds in the country, and he had a short stint as the #1 English foxhound in the country.
I’m honored to have been able to show him to all of his accomplishments myself, as his breeder, owner, and handler. But, Myles wasn’t just a show dog, he was a pet and my dear friend. He was the only dog I know who could open the toaster oven, dishwasher, kitchen cabinets, and the oven. He reveled in stealing my breakfast toast right out of the toaster. He would collapse into dramatic fits of jealously whenever he saw me spend anytime with the baby goats, and he was very patient when wearing his assortment of costumes, including “his” wig. He loved going to agility classes, where he enjoyed entertaining me with his hilarious interpretation of what he though dog agility was all about.
He was a once in a lifetime dog, and even though his life was short, we were honored and blessed to have spent seven years with him. We’ll miss you, My.
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