What’s new at the farm?

Here’s a quick farm update! Iris kidded last week with a single buckling. So that brings our final kid count to 16. 8 does and 8 bucks. The winner of the “Guess How Many Kids, Win Some Stuff” contest is Diana Samaras-Fincher with her guess of 8 Does and 7 bucks. We still have tons of chicks hatching each week, and many chicks available for sale. We’ll have Bourbon red turkey poults for sale in a few weeks, so get your reservations in soon if you would like some. We’ll have many more Nigerian dwarf wether goat kids available for sale this week. Let us know if you are interested. Plus, we have plenty of raw goat milk, organic chicken eggs for eating, and organic fertile hatching eggs for sale. Plus a few goose eggs too. Thanks for supporting local agriculture!

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2 Responses to What’s new at the farm?

  1. Morgan Vanover says:

    these baby goats are ADORABLE!!!! How much are they? How can i get one?

    • Larissa says:

      Thanks Morgan! I’ve emailed you with info about purchasing our baby goats. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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