We’ve got quadruplets!

Here are Jill’s new babies! She had quadruplets. Two boys and two girls. That brings the total kid count to 7. 4 boys 3 girls. We still have 5 more does left to kid.

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2 Responses to We’ve got quadruplets!

  1. sooze hagerman says:

    hi larissa,
    Those babies are absolutely beautiful!!!!! this seems to be a male-oriented “sport”….
    MY GUESS….34 babies…..24 boys, 10 girls…
    so, speaking of goats…i rescued a donkey and fell in love with a goat! mr. norma pickles just came up on my deck for our morning cup of coffee and a appple/cinnamon breakfast bar! 🙂 i soooo love him and want a brother for him. when everyone has kidded, i would love to come and pick one out. fondly, sooze 🙂

    • Larissa says:

      Hi Sooze! Thanks for your guess! I am so glad to hear that Mr. Norman Pickles is doing well. He sounds like a character! I’ll have some really cute kids available for sale next week, so if you want come up and meet them all you are welcome too. You will love having two goats, they are very entertaining! 🙂

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