Baby goat contest!

It’s time of the year again for our annual “Guess How Many Goats and Win a Prize Contest”. Let us know how many kids you think will be born here this year, and how many will be bucks or does. Whoever is the closest wins your choice of either 2 dozen eggs and a quart of milk or 3 bantam chicks or 3 standard ducklings. Let us know your guess either as a comment  or in an email. We will announce the winner at the end of kidding season. Here are a few hints: we have 8 does due to kid. Last year we had 9 does kid, and 19 babies (5 does/14 bucks). Hopefully we will have more girls this year! Here’s a picture of the kidding pen all set up and ready for the action to begin. Thanks to Janell for the new “goat luck charm” to hang from the pen.

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  1. I guess 8 does and 9 bucks total!

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