Hatching Experiment- Can grocery store eggs hatch?

Before we start hatching our own bantam hatching eggs in our incubator, we’ve got to calibrate the incubator using eggs that aren’t quite as rare or expensive. So, we picked up a dozen fertile eggs at a natural food store in Manchester, NH.

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2 Responses to Hatching Experiment- Can grocery store eggs hatch?

  1. MattS says:

    So, what are the results?

    • Larissa says:

      About half of the grocery store eggs started developing, but they all stopped growing after a few days. This usually means that there was something wrong with the embryos. Maybe they were too old, or got jostled too much during shipment. A bummer, but not that surprising. The good news is that I put a few of our own chickens’ eggs in the incubator at the same time, and they are all growing perfectly. They are due to hatch the middle of next week!

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