Driveway breeding services – 2018

It’s that time of year again – breeding season! This year we are offering limited driveway breeding services to approved does. We have three bucks to pick from, all are quality bucks with impressive pedigrees. Please check out our herd page for pictures. 


 If you are looking for increased milk production, our Linus (Sugar Moon V High Roller *B) is a buck to consider. Linus was ranked as the #1 Nigerian in ADGA’s 2015 Young Sire Development Program. His dam 3*M SG NC Promisedland SIA Zena 6*D AR2263 VEEE90 is a 99th percentile elite doe. His sire Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas*B is also an elite buck. Linus appraised at VVV87 as a two year old. His full sister is ADGA Elite doe SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 3*M 6*D. Zuzanna was second in the 2017 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List.  Linus has consistently produced daughters who milk 800- 1,000lbs as first fresheners.

For breeding for production, conformation, longevity, and a little bit of pizzazz, our homegrown Karl (TinyHillFarm’s Karl Hungus *B) is a nice option. Karl is sired by our Linus. His dam, 1*M AR Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue * AR 2307 VEEE90 earned her linear appraisal score of 90 as a 10 year old 10th freshener. She also was predicted to produce 1,219lbs of milk as a 10th freshener. Not too bad for a goat senior citizen! She is still a very productive member of our herd at 12 years old. Karl has blue eyes and moon spots, so not only does he produce high quality kids with lots of potential, they often come with some extra “bling”.

Lastly we have a young buckling available for breeding to smaller does. Bosley is Tiny Hill Farm Ur Ine 4 SumFun *B. Bosley is another buckling out of the legendary AR Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue 1*M AR 2307 VEEE90. Bosley’s sire was Tiny Hill Farm Pez *B (Phoenix Farm Hard Candy *B X SG TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois 6*M). He is chocolate with random white and moon spots. Bosley is a lovely young buckling with enormous potential. 

We offer driveway breeding services to approved does on a limited basis. As of 2018, driveway breedings are $150 for new clients. We offer discounts for multiple does.  Does must have been tested free of CAE, CL, and Johne’s within 3 months of breeding and must be up to date on chemical deworming and external parasite prevention. Prospective does must also show no signs of any contagious respiratory disease. In addition to individual testing of the prospective doe, we also require the doe’s entire herd to be annually tested free of CAE, CL, and Johne’s. Sorry, we don’t typically board does for breeding. We offer one free rebreeding if a doe does not settle, however we do not offer refunds (including if the doe is not in standing heat). Buck lease agreements are available only to approved farms. Linus is not available for lease. Please contact us for details and a copy of our contract. Thank you!

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