Goat Care Courses

      We are excited to announce that Tiny Hill Farm will be hosting two informative “Goat Care Courses” for new and beginning goat farmers. Classes will be on Saturday May 5th 2018 at Tiny Hill Farm in Milton Mills, NH.

     We will host a “Goat Beginner Basics” course in the morning from 9am-noon. We’ll cover topics such as picking a breed and breeder, nutrition, housing, equipment, biosecurity, and goat preventative healthcare.  We’ll also include a hoof trimming and a milking demonstration. This class is geared for folks who are just starting to get involved in the magical world of goat ownership. 

   Later that day we will hold a  “Goat Breeder Basics” course for beginning or aspiring goat breeders. This course will take place from 1pm-4pm in the afternoon. Some of the topics we will cover will be goat breeding basics, how to read a pedigree, choosing a buck, udder and conformation evaluation, goat pregnancy and birth, kid rearing and management, and milking systems and milk safety. This class is geared for people who are interested or just starting out with goat breeding and goat milk production.

   We’ll include a farm tour in both classes, as well as lots of hands on time with our herd of Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. Classes will be held on our farm on Saturday May 5th. “Goat Beginner Basics” is from 9am-noon and “Goat Breeder Basics” will be from 1pm-4pm. Each class is $45 per person, or $80 per person if you chose to take both classes.  We’ll take a lunch break from noon-1pm with the folks who are take both morning and afternoon classes. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to sign up for our goat classes. You can reach us by calling or texting (603)817-0081 or emailing tinyhillfarm (at ) gmail.com.

    More of a poultry person than a goat person? We’re also planning on hosting a “Poultry Care and Breeding” class this spring. Please contact us if you are interested! Thanks so much for reading! 

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