New Bucks and Kid Reservation List Updates

Happy February! Just wanted to post a quick farm update welcoming two awesome bucks to our herd and giving an update to our kid reservation list.

Tiny Hill Farm Dude of Thrones *B (TinyHillFarm’s Karl Hungus*B X Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M) has come back home and he’s brought his friend Fairlea Mookie Betts *B (Fairlea Edmond Dantes *S *B X Fairlea Irene 6*D 6*M) along with him. A big thank you to our friends at On Golden Farm for entrusting us with these two gentlemen. Looking forward to adding their stellar genetics to our herd! You can see more information about these bucks on our Herd Book and Kidding Schedule page. 

We are now running a wait list for doe and doeling reservations. Although we have stopped taking deposits for does and doelings, we are still running a wait list in case we have any additional available females.  Not looking for a doeling? Our buckling and wether reservation lists are still open! If you are looking for a fantastic herd sire or just an adorable pet we still have reservations available for you. Contact us for details. New kids are due to start arriving in March! Happy spring! 

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