Time to reserve kids for spring 2017

Interested in buying a Tiny Hill Farm Nigerian dwarf dairy goat this spring? Now is the time to start getting deposits in to hold a spot on our waiting list! We expect to have several gorgeous doelings with amazing potential available, as well as very friendly and cute wethers, and a few does in milk as well. You can check out our kidding schedule here: http://tinyhillfarm.com/?page_id=64 If last year is any indication of this year, we usually sell out very quickly. So, if you are interested in our kids, let us know! Thanks!

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18 Responses to Time to reserve kids for spring 2017

  1. Joe Lepe says:

    Good evening. My name is Joe. I am intrested in purchasing a baby goat
    Please email me the instructions as to how to purchase one or two. What is the cost and the deposit needed. Thank you so much.

  2. Sooze says:

    Hi Larissa!!

    As you said…let the boys “duke it out and within a few days, they will be best friends!”
    You were soooo right and now, watching them play, the joy has filled the huge void left by Napoleon (the donkey).
    I would like to add another – not sure if I want a doe or another wether.
    I would like to add more color to the “herd” – have Count Tyrone Rugen (white) and Mr. Norman Pickles (brown with a BIG white belly). 🙂

  3. Shannen Fisher says:

    I am interested in buying two baby goats. Would like to know when and how much.

  4. DAVID L MENNE says:


  5. Patricia Pender says:

    Hi! I’m interested in a baby with blue eyes. Preferably black and white maybe red and white.

  6. nikkijs_1@yahoo.com…..PLEASE contact me if any more baby goats become available in next couple months.really hopinng to give one a new loving home 😉

  7. Christine kennedy says:

    Hello, I am interested in 2 baby dwarf wethers when they are born in the spring.

  8. Hi I am looking for A miniature or small male goat to breed to my female goat. I need more info how to buy one of your male goats. My female is only 8 months old not ready to breed . I would like a young male for company for her for now.

  9. Chonie Jaschek says:

    Interested 2-3 goats. How much? Ha d their shots? etc

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