Herdbook/Kidding Schedule Update – 2016

We’ve updated our herdbook/kidding schedule for 2016. We’ll have baby goat kids start arriving in April. We have a few adult goats available for sale right now, and we expect to have a few more available for sale after kidding season is over. If you are interested in our goats, or have any questions please let us know. Just a reminder, we are located in Milton Mills, NH and we do not ship our goats. We’ll also have our mille fleur d’Uccle, white silkie, and New Hampshire red bantams available for sale starting in the spring. Our birds are from show lines, and some of our birds did really well at this year’s poultry shows. We look forward to 2016! Thanks so much for visiting!11407096_10153450799737369_8822636146997422245_n

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13 Responses to Herdbook/Kidding Schedule Update – 2016

  1. Leota Sarrette says:

    Hi !
    I’m from Haverhill MA and am
    Interested in purchasing two kids as pets.
    Would you mind adding me to your list for the spring?
    Thank you!
    Leota Sarrette
    978 697 1648

  2. Ann says:

    Would like to know pricing of any registered doelings

  3. Betty & Ric says:

    Please let us know by texting 813-766-3971 when you may have dwarf baby doe goats ready to be adopted.
    Thank you.

  4. Susan says:

    Very interested in a couple nigerian kids for my grandchildren please contact me by phone asap

  5. Hi, I’m looking for a BABY girl kid. For a pet I’ve owned them for over 28 yrs. I really want one that I can bottle feed. The youngest one I had was a 3wk old girl. The mama had twins, she didn’t want anything to do with. Them so the boy died, and she sold me the girl. I was in love. She wore diapers when she was lose in the house. I had her do her BUSINESS out side.or on a pad. I loved to watch TV, and she would lay on my chest, making her little noise’s. Feeding her was great. She would run and jump all around the house and follow me and my shepherd everywhere I went. At night she slept in,a Hugh play pen. I’d put her diaper on after taking her out and put her in the play pen and go right to sleep! Not a peep from her, till, she heard me up. Of course she wanted her bottle. I REALLY REALLY loved her ALOT!!! I have a Big fenced backyard. And plenty of things to eat. And run and play. Please please can you Help me get another little baby girl, that would need to be feed a bottle. I swear I will take good care of her!!!!! I would like to get one that won’t get too big when full grown. It’s not for show, just a pet. My kids grew up with every pet you can imagine. I really want my grandkids to have the same. Please please can you let me know if you have any babies (girl) and not too expensive. Call me at 860-890-2905 or text me please. Thank you for your time. Cindy

  6. I would love to get two girls, I really really like the black and white ones. I saw the dates showing Oct 2016. Would that be the black and white ones? They are beautiful and so darn cute. I was just wondering. Thank you Cindy

  7. nikki says:

    add me add me add e please to take a kid or two into a new loving home when they become available. hope to hear something

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