Breeding Services

We offer driveway breeding services to approved does on a limited basis. As of 2021, driveway breedings are $200 per visit per doe for new clients. Registered Tiny Hill Farm goats purchased from us get a discounted rate, as do repeat clients.

Our driveway breeding season is from September to February. We do not do year round breeding services. We offer ONE free rebreeding per doe if the doe does not settle. The free rebreeding must be within that same breeding season. We do not offer refunds, including if the doe is not in heat. Does must have been tested free of CAE, CL, and Johne’s disease within 3 months of breeding, be ADGA registered with no disqualifications, and must be up to date on chemical deworming and external parasite prevention. Prospective does must also show no signs of any contagious respiratory disease. In addition to individual testing of the prospective doe, we also require the doe’s entire herd (including all ruminants on your property) to be annually tested free of CAE, CL, and Johne’s disease.

Sorry, we don’t board does for breeding. You must travel to our farm with your doe in standing heat. We are located in Milton Mills, NH. We will not transport our bucks off the farm. Buck lease agreements are available only to approved farms. David is not available for lease. Our farm is located in Milton Mills, NH. We sell buck rags for heat detection for $15 with free shipping anywhere in the United States. Please contact us for more information or for a copy of our driveway breeding contract, and please be ready to send us a copy of your herd’s testing paperwork. Thanks for reading!

Our bucks are:

1. Tiny Hill Farm Ur Ine 4 SumFun *B – Bosley Gravel Jr. (Tiny Hill Farm Pez *B X SG Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue 1*M VEEE90) DOB 7/16/18 Chocolate with random white and moon spots. Bosley’s sire is Tiny Hill Farm Pez *B (Phoenix Farm Hard Candy *B X TOP TEN ELITE SG TinyHillFarm’s SuperLois 6*M). Pez is a full brother to both Twix (ELITE Tiny Hill Farm Twix 7*M) and Pixy (SG Tiny Hill Farm Pixy Stix 7*M). We had been waiting for one more SG Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue 1*M VEEE90 buckling to keep, and this handsome gent is just who we were waiting for. Bosley carries recessive black coat coloration. Bosley’s ADGA page.  If you are looking to add production longevity, teat length, and udder quality to your herd, then Bosley is a great choice.

2. Tiny Hill Farm MoonageDaydream *B – David  (Elite buck SG Sugar Moon V High Roller ++*B X TOP TEN SG Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M) DOB 3/3/20 Chamoise with white and extensive moon spotting. David qualified for ADGA’s 2020 Young Sire Development Program. This far out little buckling’s outstanding mammary, milk production, and udder longevity genetics are exactly what we want in our herd. David carries recessive black coat coloration. David’s ADGA page. David is a stellar buck for herds looking to improve udder attachments and milk production.

3. Tiny Hill NoBiz Like DoeBiz *B – Linux  (Elite buck SG Sugar Moon V High Roller ++*B X SG Tiny Hill Farm Pixy Stix 7*M) DOB 3/4/20. Cream and white. Linux qualified for ADGA’s 2020 Young Sire Development Program. We are looking forward to seeing what this tightly line bred buckling can do for us. Linux carries recessive black coat coloration. Linux’s ADGA page. If you are looking to add top milking genetics, this is the best buck for your herd.

4. Tiny Hill PowPowPower Stroke *B – Stroker (Tiny Hill Tormund Giantsbane *B X Tiny Hill Farm MiniMiniPowPow! 6*M) DOB 3/11/21 Shaded gold with random white and blue eyes. Stroker is a beautiful buck who we look forward to pairing with several of our does this coming fall. He reminds us of his beloved great-grand dam, PowPow (ARMCH Fairlea Flower Power 4*D 4*M +EEE88), who he is loosely line bred on. Here’s a link to his pedigree. Stroker combines some of our favorite genetics. He should help herds looking to improve udder quality, teat placement, and increase milking potential. Stroker is only mature enough to service yearling does this year. He’ll be ready for senior does in 2022.