Baby chick and baby goat season is COMING SOON!

We’ve been getting a lot of interested folks contacting us about poultry so wanted to post what we’ll have available. We will have a limited number of baby chicks available for local sale this spring. We will have frizzled and smooth large fowl Easter Eggers, mille fleur d’Uccle bantams, and New Hampshire red bantams. “Curbside” farm pickup only, no shipping. Our farm is in Milton Mills, NH. Chicks are $20 each. Day olds. Straight run (males and females as hatched). We’ll be hatching each week so should have plenty of chicks available! Looking for just females? Sorry! We only sell straight run chicks, but we will have a limited number of pullets available in the summer. Here’s more info.

We are taking reservations and deposits for poultry now. Sorry, we do not ship either poultry or hatching eggs. Please contact us by emailing or text (603)817-0081. Looking for baby Nigerian dwarf goats? Our baby goat season is rapidly approaching, but we are still accepting deposits to reserve 2023 bottle baby goat kids. Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to Baby chick and baby goat season is COMING SOON!

  1. Aaron Thibeault says:

    Hi. My name is Aaron. I’m interested in buying some dwarf goats.

  2. Matthew Caldwell says:

    I would like info about baby . Please call me back at 724-701-1080.

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