August 2022 Elite results!

We are thrilled and honestly a little bit shocked to announce how many Tiny Hill Farm does made the August 2022 Elite list. Ten. Yes! TEN! Congrats to Lacey, Bunny, Hazel, Minerva, Skye, Taffy, Jackie, Mighty Mouse, Pele, Lois, and their owners! And congrats to Karl who made the Elite buck list. Also huge congrats to all the many kids and grandkids of Tiny Hill Farm goats who also made the list. Proud we are of all of them! Want to add a Tiny Hill goat to your herd? We are already taking first come first served deposits to reserve spring 2023 kids. You can check out our kidding schedule here. Pictured is our cute little herd dining al fresco. Thanks for reading!

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