Farm update – November 2013

What’s going on at the farm? It’s goat breeding season right now. We expect to have many new baby goat kids due this spring. The bucks our does have been bred to this year are the very handsome Old Mountain Farm StingN Ned L and Old Mountain Farm Joshua James. We are especially excited to have the chance to use Joshua, because he is the littermate of our best milking doe, Old Mountain Farm Jil Michelle. Joshua was born here, and we were happy to welcome him back for a few short weeks in September. After Joshua left, we’ve had Ned here to breed the rest of our does. As usual, a huge thank you goes to our friends at Old Mountain Farm for entrusting us with these fabulous bucks. If you are interested in spring 2014 kids, please let us know now. We also are winding down our milk sales for the year, in preparation for winter. We expect to be totally sold out of milk by the end of November. We’ll have goat milk available again in April 2014.

Our chickens have been doing very well. We’ve entered a few shows, and we expect to enter one or two more this winter. Our mille fleur d’Uccle hen won Best of Breed at the Boston Poultry Expo last weekend. We currently have a few New Hampshire bantam females for sale. They are about 6 months old, and they should make great layers. They are $20 each. Next year we will have a very limited number of New Hampshire bantam, silkie bantam, and Ameraucana bantam chicks for sale. We will also have a limited number of our Bourbon red turkey poults for sale in the late spring and early summer.

Our turkeys were mentioned in an article in New Hampshire Magazine. Here’s a link to the article:   If you want to reserve your turkey for this Thanksgiving please reserve it ASAP. We expect our birds to sell out faster than ever this year. They are organic, pasture raised, heritage Bourbon reds. We have been breeding our own strain of this breed for five years. Cook one of our turkeys for Thanksgiving and we personally guarantee you will have the best Thanksgiving of your entire life! You can reserve your turkey on our website. Go to the poultry tab, and click on bourbon red turkeys to find our online reservation form. 

In other news, Aubrey, our “farm puppy” has grown by leaps and bounds. She now has her AKC Rally Novice title, two legs towards her United Junior Jumper dock diving title, and one leg towards her AKC Coursing Aptitude title, all earned at under a year old. We are moving along to her Rally Advanced title, and have started agility training.  She is awesome!  You can find an update on her at her breeder’s website here:  Look for her picture, and her registered name, Adirondac Talk Birdy to Me!

Here’s a photo of our two geese enjoying an autumn sunset. Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful winter!





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  1. Donna Shaw says:

    We are soooo excited to hear that the goats we have ordered for Spring are in the process of being created!! Yay!! (hands clapping)

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